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JunZeJun Sports & Entertainment Team has been closely following the development of laws and policies of the industries, and it represents a number of Chinese and foreign sports & entertainment companies, athletes and stars in negotiation and dispute resolution with our high quality legal services. 
In Sports Law area, JunZeJun Sports & Entertainment Team is supported by partners cross the firm who have positions in several international sports organizations and adjudicated dozes of international sports cases. JunZeJun offers substantial expertise in sports law and has handled cases include, but not limited to: player transfer, copyrights & other IP rights, sports event operations, sponsorship, media & broadcasting rights, anti-doping, anti-match fixing, disciplinary procedures, sports arbitration, etc.
In Entertainment Law area, JunZeJun provide legal services to some Chinese and international entertainment companies, including film finance, copyrights & other IP rights, coproduction and distribution, employment and termination of film & TV studio executives, as well as entertainment disputes resolution, etc. 


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